Is a New Generation of Managers Likely to Come to Small Towns of Ukraine?

There are about 350 small towns in Ukraine what makes around ¾ of the total number of towns.
Small towns comprise approximately 13% of the Ukrainian population, with about 20 million citizens related to them. Small towns are divided by districts and regions almost equally — 61-75 of small towns, or 17,4-21,4% of the total number of towns. The greatest number of small towns are located in the regions of Lviv — 39, Donetsk — 35, Luhansk — 26, Kyiv — 19, Ternopil — 17 and Vinnytsia — 17 small towns.
The decentralization reform has opened to Ukrainian small towns new opportunities and development prospects. Today, to realize these opportunities small towns badly need a new generation of managers capable of unlocking their political, economic, social and cultural potential. Yet, do young Ukrainian managers, politicians and public leaders want to work in small towns of our country? The answers to these questions are given by Mykola Liashenko, a public deputy of Kyiv regional council (VII convocation) in an interview to Sergii Rudenko.