Previous and Current Research

  • Research methodology of the History of Ukrainian philosophy
  • Philosophical thought in the culture of Ukrainian diaspora
  • History of Marxism in Soviet Ukraine (history of philosophy, cultural studies)
  • Philosophy and Political Science in the structure of contemporary Social Science and Humanities
  • Philosophical grounds of humanitarian development of Ukraine
  • Interdisciplinary researches in Ukrainian Studies

Future Projects and Goals

  • Modernization of modern philosophical education and science of Ukraine, including the problems of teaching logic, development of e-learning tools in philosophical education, ethical principles, innovation infrastructure.
  • Philosophical concepts in Ukrainian fiction literature and publicists XIX-XX centuries
  • History of Marxism in Soviet Ukraine (epistemology, political philosophy)

Methodological and Technical Expertise

Description and analyses of the original philosophical texts (including manuscripts) of Ukrainian and Russian philosophers, Reconstruction of the philosophical ideas and worldview principles in the Ukrainian fiction literature and plastic arts. Development of learning programs in Philosophy (I, II, III levels), development and implementing joint degree programs in Philosophy and Political Science. Development of e-learning tools for philosophical courses.